Polyurethane o-rings equipments for smooth running of your conveyor system

Conveyor systems are used to transfer various types of materials that could be food, chemical, raw materials from one location to another for further processing like manufacturing, inspection, packing, and dispatching. Material handling solutions provider understands the stress facilities have to undergo while trying to meet online orders and demands of the distribution chain on time. That’s why these service providers come up with material handling products which ensure the smooth running of conveyor systems and less downtime. Specifically focusing on the conveyor systems the material handling solutions include:
Twisted O- rings / Quick connect belts / Conveyor Bands:-The quick connect hook and loop system allows replacing band without breaking down your conveyor system and results in zero downtime.
Spools / Standard Spools / Split Spools / Key Spools:- Regular standard and split spools are tough and manufactured to ensure smooth running of the daily operations of any large distribution center.
Transfer Belts and Diverter Belts are also effective and less downtime, material handling solutions offered by the companies to multi- million square foot facilities with multiple locations.
Poly urethane O- rings / O- ring drive belts:- They are most commonly used in material handling equipment as lineshaft conveyors, roller to roller conveyor, pop up diverters, and transfer systems and are also referred as urethane belting, round belt conveyor, O-ring belt, O-ring drive belt, lineshaft conveyor belt. They are manufactured using quality extruded urethane polycord, aligning the joints together and not over grinding the excess when bonded together. They drive round conveyor rollers to move product throughout large warehouses day in and day out.
The common problem which facilities face while ordering and making the best use of Polyurethane O-rings is their size determination. If the O-rings drive belts are too small, they can pop up and break and can cause damage to the roller bearings and is the belt is too large it will slip and will restrict the movement of material or boxes down the line. The professional material handling solutions providers can diagnose the problem and give right answers to all the queries. They even offer free samples and guide you on the right size of the Polyurethane O-rings.


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