The Advantages of Using Poly O-Rings

An O-Ring is used in machines to prevent the escape of fluid and air. These are some of the seals that are commonly used in machines today. The o-rings are a good substitute for the polyurethane belts used for the line-shaft conveyors. The twisted o-rings are of two kinds. One variety is made from polyurethane and the other variety from cotton with an elastic core. There are many advantages of using the twisted polyurethane o-rings.
Urethane o-rings are excellent sealing devices that are widely used in machine designs to prevent the loss of air and fluid. There is an array of benefits offered by the o-rings such as follows:
1. They can act as a sealant within a broad range of temperature, pressure, and tolerance.
2. The circular cross-section of the o-rings are symmetrical and permit sealing in any of the directions.
3. The o-ring material is capable of sealing in two directions.
4. These rings do not need special primers or tools for installation.
5. The o-rings do not need any re-tightening, smearing and can be easily serviced.
6. These rings do not cause structural damage on tightening as they produce no torque.
7. These are light in weight and occupy less space.
8. You can reuse these rings and this helps to reduce cost appreciably.
9. These o-rings are composed of an array of materials making them resistant to the attack of chemicals.
10. The failure of the o-rings can easily be detected and is gradual.
11. The o-ring material’s aging period corresponds to the life of the correct application.
You can buy o-rings online from Superior Bands. The Company sells its products to the machine manufacturers, distribution centers, and the end users. The company’s belts find wide application in the textile machines, material handling conveyors and the plastic bag manufacturing equipment industries.
The company offers a wide range of products that include polyurethane belts, polychords, spools and twisted o- rings. It manufactures superior quality o-rings that are used in the lineshaft conveyors, diverts, roller-to-roller conveyors and transfer belts for the industry of material handling.


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